I'm Takuya Kitazawa (a.k.a. takuti), a master's student at the University of Tokyo, Japan

Recent Notes

Treasure Dataインターンにみる機械学習のリアル #td_intern
推薦システムのトップ会議RecSys2016に参加した #recsys2016
Migrate to Hugo from Jekyll: Another Solution for the MathJax+Markdown Issue
PyCon JP 2015 #pyconjp
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instagram — instagram.com/takuti
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Poisson Image Blending
Web-based implementation of seamless image blending algorithm
Colorful Clock
Mel-tokei on the web
Draw Bezier Curve
Visualization of Bezier curve drawing
Conversion Guy
Google Chrome extention for the radix/rgb conversion
Smooth Radix Converter
AngularJS practice application
Twitter Bot
Markov chain-based Japanese twitter bot


International Conferences and Workshops (refereed)

Domestic Conferences (non-refereed)

  • Incremental Item Recommendation Using a SVD-based Streaming Anomaly Detection Framework (in Japanese)
    T. Kitazawa
    Numerical Analysis Symposium 2016
  • Incremental Factorization Machines for Item Recommendation in Data Streams
    T. Kitazawa
    The 30th Annual Conference of the Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence
  • Incremental Approaches for Matrix Approximation: Performance Evaluations and Their Possible Applications (in Japanese)
    T. Kitazawa and T. Matsuo
    The Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence SIG-FPAI-98
  • User Modeling through Relational Clustering on Folksonomy (in Japanese)
    T. Kitazawa and M. Sugiyama
    The 77th National Convention of Information Processing Society of Japan
  • Relational Clustering in Social Bookmark
    T. Kitazawa and M. Sugiyama
    Tohoku-Section Joint Convention of Institutes of Electrical and Information Engineering 2014
    (IEEE Sendai Section Student Awards "The Best Paper Prize")



  • Rakuten, Inc., Rakuten Institute of Technology, August to September 2015.
    • Recommender systems
  • DWANGO Co., Ltd., July 2015.
    • iOS/watchOS application
  • pixiv Inc., December 2014.
    • Web application
  • Speee, Inc., September 2013.
    • iOS application


  • mixi, Inc., mixi Scrap Challenge for Security, January 2013.
  • SECCON CTF Tsukuba (team: 5a454e), May 2012.
  • Security and Programming Camp 2011 Web Security Class, August 2011.



  • President's Award (representative of the graduates, GPA 3.97), The University of Aizu, 2015.
  • Dean's List of Distinguished Students, The University of Aizu, 2012 to 2015.
  • The Best Paper Prize, IEEE Sendai Section Student Awards, 2014.
  • Innovative Award, TAC-Keio SFC Entrepreneurship Seminar and Business Plan Competition, 2012.


k.takuti_at_gmail.com or @takuti